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"Thank You very much for responding so quickly to my request. I wish more companies were as good at their customer service as you were with us. We live in a society that does not say Thank You often enough. Thank you for making a good product and standing behind it with good customer service.  It is truly appreciated."

-- Clark Peters

"I would like to take the time to "thank you" for your help and service in the purchase of my: crank-up stands, the work-stand/jack and the Eazymove dolly. Not only have these tools made my job of maintenance and moving sleds "easier"....  they have put a smile on my wife's face, knowing that there is "less-stress" on this old body.

                  The ease of moving, working and storage (by one person) is really UNREAL !!!!
Take it from this 'old sled-head' (61 yrs).... your tools should be called 'the SMART tools.'  For those that have seen these tools work (in person) and how they handle my 4-stroke sleds, ALL have said....'they've got to get one.' Seeing is believing!!!
I look forward to showing-off my new tools to the sled club(s) and my riding friends. Thanks again for your time, service and a great product!!!"
-- Jim Borelli
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